Turning obstacles into opportunities


Are you feeling stuck? Are you ready to make changes in your life and are not sure how? The fact that you are viewing this website suggests that you are taking an important and courageous step towards making your life better. You are showing that you care enough about yourself to take a stand for your life.

My practice is devoted to helping you heal, gain personal insight, and find satisfaction in your life. With understanding and compassion, you are empowered and encouraged to explore your unique personal circumstances. We will deepen an awareness of the relationship between these circumstances and how they continue to impact your life. While we can't change the past, together we can come to understand the impact it continues to have on your life so that you can move forward. We will explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and challenge irrational thinking so that you can feel better.

I provide an empathic, stimulating, and collaborative approach that will help you strengthen your coping skills so that you can feel decreased stress and lead a more fulfilling life. Ultimately, the aim is to help you to stop surviving your life and to help you to thrive in it instead.

Laura F.Pescione, Ph.D.

Laura F. Pescione, Ph.D.

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